Asden Investment PROPERTIES

Enhancing lives. Advancing the future of real estate.

Asden Investment Properties is a privately owned, New Jersey-based, fully integrated real estate developer. Asden Properties identifies investments that will garner appreciation in rents and value, and after watching the US economy grow stronger each year in the multifamily sector, Asden Properties made a sound decision to invest in this attractive and flourishing arena.

Today, Asden Properties is actively involved in all phases of the development process, including site selection, project design, securing approvals and, ultimately, the construction and marketing of our projects. Asden Properties invests in locations that offer strong, stable markets with historically low vacancy rates, yet still sees growth and change. Our investments are in locations that support the repositioning of previously underappreciated properties. We have identified four markets that we have great familiarity with: South Florida, Atlanta, Philadelphia/South New Jersey and New York, with a particular eye on the Bronx.

Our asset criteria are diverse, yet focused. Asden Properties will reposition units to high levels of efficiency, comfort and modernity in addition to scrutinizing and screening the tenant base. We will manage and maintain the portfolio to a best-in-class standard and be positioned to increase rental revenues.

In Miami and New York, due to their exceedingly strong residential markets, a lower quality asset type will meet our goal of capturing value in rents and land. The heated rental markets in Miami and Manhattan leave the surrounding sub-markets as the last resort for a great many individuals seeking affordable rent. The influx of quality tenants to these vicinities lends to wholly stable and attractive HUD and affordable housing investments. Asden Properties, with this portfolio and its strategic location, will capitalize on the surging Miami rental market as it seeps into Little Havana.